Post-Test Math Preparation

Math Quiz Level A

Math Quiz Level B

Math Quiz Level C

Math Quiz Level C

Math Quiz Level D  

Useful Links

Math=Love:  A great math teacher blog with tons of hands-on activity ideas for the low-tech classroom

PHET: Online simulations of math and science concepts.  These are very useful, engaging and fun.  The HTML5 ones work the best. 

Illuminations These are lessons, games, activities from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)

LINCS:  An excellent resource for connecting with other Adult Education folks across the country and finding tons of resources.

TEAL Math works guide from TEAL (Teaching Excellence in Adult Education). 

Estimation180:  Find 180 estimation tasks for use in the classroom

1-100 Numbers to Get them Talking:  A great activity to teach group work norms for the math classroom

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