Monday, July 18, 2016

Google Forms Quizzes Now Much Easier

Over the last year I have been using a third-party add-on called Flubaroo to do autograding for quizzes.  In the last couple weeks Google made a wonderful update to Forms.  Now they have seamless tools to make quizzes that allow for quick grading, analytics and feedback options that just make sense.  I'm excited to use this for assessments and training tools going forward.  Below is a video tutorial on this new tool.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Zoom Classes at Southeastern Iowa Community College

I recently spent the afternoon learning from John Romeo at Southeastern about the ways he uses technology to teach math classes using Zoom and other tech tools.

John using via Zoom and tablets

John is using a Promethean interactive whiteboard to project a math problem onto the board.  An alternative is to use a Mimio, which is less expensive, to make any whiteboard interactive.

A Mimio close-up

He has students come up to work the problem he is projecting while he is sending different math problems to students (who are located at multiple locations) via  The teacher needs a tablet, but students are able to respond with multiple types of devices.

Zoom view on John's interactive white board (Promethean)

The laptop that is capturing video and running Zoom